Our Story

Dandee's team takes pride in offering you freshly baked hand-made donuts and wholesome classic diner favorites, served with a smile! Donut worry, be happy!


Dare to Dream with Dandee!

Back in the early 1980’s two friends dared to dream big when they left their corporate jobs at a national brand coffee shop to become the proud owners of The Dandee Donut Factory. Word soon got out that The Dandee Donut Factory serves over 50 varieties of old fashioned donuts that are always fresh and absolutely delicious! Dandee quickly became known by South Florida locals and visitors from all over the world for good food at a great price served with a smile by Dandee’s friendly staff. Dandee became a favorite get-together spot for all, known as a friendly neighborhood gathering place, and their delicious old-fashioned donuts  and fresh diner classics soon became famous!


Who We Are Today

Today, The Dandee Donut Factory is still thriving and serving generations of loyal customers that have become like family. Visitors from all over the world know that a trip to South Florida is not complete without a visit to The Dandee Donut Factory, and now with a renewed and recharged entrepreneurial leadership team, some loyal customers are now thrilled to find Dandees popping up in their own hometowns!

What Makes Us Special

What makes Dandee so special is our variety of 50 donuts made the old-fashioned way by highly skilled bakers. Our original Pompano baker is still hand-rolling and hand-cutting each donut, and has trained a full team to make donuts the old-fashioned way at every Dandee Donut Factory location. Dandee Donuts are baked in small batches 24 hours a day, ensuring that every donut sold is always fresh and delicious. Our donuts are all iced and finished individually by hand using our own unique recipes for frostings, glazes and fillings with only the best, most wholesome ingredients.

We’re more than just Donuts!

Dandee Donut Factory doesn’t just offer delicious donuts and custom blend coffee. Dandee has a full menu of homemade value breakfasts served all day, lunches, and dinners cooked to order that will satisfy any appetite! Dandee’s good food at great prices served with a smile, and our delicious individually hand-cut donuts makes any day “Just Dandee!”